falcon-3.jpgWelcome to My Wiki By Ralph Maltese

I taught language arts for 37 years in a public high school. Finally, finally, I think I am getting the hang of it. Teaching, for me, is not formulaic. I do not expect the Moses of Education to come down from the mountaintop with the ten commandments of successful teaching. I have witnessed many people claiming to be that Moses. There is no strategy for teaching that will work everywhere at every time. That is equivalent to a physician arguing that a magic potion will cure every disease known to humankind. Teaching is problematic. How does one get 25 or more students in a cinderblock classroom to learn anything of long lasting significance? The students come into class with their own baggage, personal and societal. Cimate-- the time of day, day of year, rainy day, sunny day, before lunch, after lunch, and rapport with teacher and classmates all impact on how well the lesson will go on any given day.

On these pages I attempt to share what I have gleaned from my experience in the classroom. As in the disclaimers that car advertisements use, "Your mileage may differ." I am not the Moses of Education either.